Web Tools - Generic_mcGraph.swf Feature Highlights

User Interface Features
  • Individual series can be hidden via the checkboxes
  • Series colors are user configurable - click the color boxes
  • The lower graph provides zoom and scroll control
  • The displayed data can be user selected via the web page
      Default (25K - Fast to load)
      Alternate (152K - About 6 seconds to load)

Configuration Features

  • Axis Min, Max, Labels, and the like are specified via an ini file
  • The data structure is specified in the ini file
  • The default data file is specified on the web page
  • The legend is automatically created
  • The series colors are automatically assigned


  • Tic labels are not displayed when the graph is zoomed
  • Autoscale only works with date/time display
  • In the zoom window, series colors don't change until the zoom is changed or Clear Zoom is pressed
This plot shows the same data as the Example_Time_Auto example.

Author: Robert Clemenzi
URL: http:// mc-computing.com / WebTools / Generic_mcGraph / Feature_Highlights.html