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Data Format

The data formats are simple, parsing is controlled by the ini file.

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The data can be read from a file or generated by a cgi script ... I suggest using a file to test your design (because it is faster and does not require a web server). Once it works, use a script (or other program) to query a database.

There are 2 ways to provide data

The time it takes to plot the data depends on the total number of points, not the number of series. If more than 15 seconds pass, Flash terminates and the data will not be displayed.

The data structure (see below) is specified in the ini file.

Sample Data

Example 1 - 2 columns, Tab delimited

Example 2 - Date/time, tab delimited, the first tab is after the PM.

ini File

In addition to the other data in the ini file, there are 4 sections that describe the data file's format.

Supported Date/Time Formats

The built-in Flash routines supports the following formats. If only the date is given, the time is assumed to be midnight. Note that times with am/pm are not supported. In addition, the graphing component also supports the am/pm indicators (case insensitive) with the following conditions In addition to the built-in formats shown above, the following work when Type = datetime_am

Future Options

I plan to add the following features as time permits

Author: Robert Clemenzi
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