Database Engines

There are several basic database engines

Microsoft's article ADO, DAO and RDO in Visual Basic explains the differences and provides links to more information. Basically, ADO is the newest and should be used for new applications - except in those instances where you need to use DAO.


Various notes on configuring ODBC


The Borland Database Engine (BDE) provides a non-Microsoft way to access data in Paradox, DBase, FoxPro, and ASCII databases. It also provides an ODBC connection to other types of databases.

Delphi 5 (Pro and Enterprise), Paradox, dBase, C++ Builder, and Quatro Pro interface with the BDE.

On the down side, you will need to distribute and configure the BDE with your applications. In addition, Borland is no longer developing new capabilities.


This is the Microsoft Access database engine - it can be accessed via DAO and ADO.


Delphi 5 Enterprise and Delphi 6 Pro support ADO (Microsoft® ActiveX® Data Objects). When using ADO, there is no need to distribute the BDE.
Various notes on loading ADO
Use Variables in SQL behind forms
This shows how to query the ADO schema to automatically determine the correct delimiters for dates, strings, integers, and the like.


Data Access Objects (DAO) is yet another way to access databases. More info

I use this with MS Access (it is apparently the default access method for MS Access 97, but the library needs to be added and your code modified for use with MS Access 2002 ) and Delphi (does not require the BDE).

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