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Firebird is an open source SQL database (based on Interbase which is normally distrituted with Borland compilers).

Normally, Interbase databases are named *.gdb. However, because Microsoft XP stole the *.gbd extension for its own purposes, Firebird suggests naming its databases as *.fdb. In fact, because Windows XP makes automatic backups of *.gbd files each time they are modified, the database performance is terrible.


Download Firebird - as of 09-05-07, should no longer be used since it is not up to date provides a number of useful links. - MS Access to Firebird converter - Automatically fixes field names if they are reserved words

Borland provides a lot of great Interbase references

TECT Software Ltd contains several useful tools including an XML Export Utility and an Alias Manager.

Interbase / Firebird with Delphi - 2 pages of related links, unfortunately, it opens those links in a frame with with fairly irritating adds.

Converting from Microsoft SQL Server to Firebird provides a good overview of the field types and the differences in the stored procedure languages.

ODBC Driver (alternate page) - unfortunately, I can not get this to work with Windows XP (problem with the workgroup information file (*.mdw) - google provided little help). Also, this driver does not work with the Borland Database Desktop - it connects, but I got SQL errors trying to read the table data. With MS Access 97, this driver connects, but can not read the sample Interbase table - employes.gdb - that comes with Delphi - it has a SQL error.

The INTERSOLV InterBase ODBC Driver on my Windows 98 systems works great with the Borland Database Desktop. (Installed with Delphi 5.)

Introduction to the Firebird Database - An overview for Linux users. This contains a good comparision with MySQL. Has a stored procedure and a trigger example. Has lots of reader feedback.

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