Web Tools - Generic_mcGraph.swf Overview

I wanted a simple program that would allow me to plot some data on a web page with scroll and zoom capability. A search of the web provided some ideas, but no free components. Therefore, I decided to write my own using Flash CS3 with Action Script 3.

The component described in these pages (Generic_mcGraph.swf) is generic and can be used to plot many types of data.

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Solar Spectra Time axis - Fixed Time axis - Autoscale


I decided to describe how to use this component because However, I do not plan to make this project Open Source or to release the source code. There are over 100 files in a very specific directory structure ... and I am still working on them.

So, while you are free to use this component, I maintain all copyright and other intellectual property rights.

As usual, use at your own risk.

Required files

Creating a graph requires placing 5 files on the web server To get copies

Html Code

You can find the required html code by looking at the source of my examples - there is no reason to repeat that here.

Note that this application requires Flash version or better - in the wrong version, the display flashes and does not show data. The examples are coded to require this. (My development system has version, a test system uses

Author: Robert Clemenzi
URL: http:// mc-computing.com / WebTools / Generic_mcGraph / Overview.html