Configuring Windows Explorer - What's New

This site has grown such that it is hard to find changes. The purpose of this page is to simplify the location of new information.

Fixed links, spelling, and grammar corrections are not listed.

08-01-05 I have gotten tired of manually modifying the registry of every machine I use. As a result, I have produced a small script to make the most common changes.
07-17-04 Added information on how to use Windows Explorer as an FTP client.
11-30-03 Added more information on the Windows XP Search feature (be sure not to use it) and a comparision of Search to Agent Ransack (free).
01-31-03 I added numerous notes related to Windows XP. (Not all are listed here.) I had so many comments that I added a new page. Of sepecial note
  • Windows XP intentionally broke the file find capability which worked in all the earlier operating systems. Now files like *.c, *.cpp, and *.h can no longer be searched (completely unbelievable). Of course, you have to discover this by trial and error.
  • I also added several entries to the bugs page.
  • XP increased the size of the registry from about 6 megs to over 16 megs.
02-22-02 Added a separate page on how to get several applications to share a single extension.
07-10-01 Added the Data variable to the Description of the ShellNew Key
06-28-01 Added descriptions of various keyboard shortcuts - such as Windows-e to start Windows Explorer.
06-08-01 Added a new reference to Microsoft information on customizing the shell menus.
06-07-01 Added info on how to get doskey to run every time the dos window is started.
06-07-01 Added a new page on desktop.ini, a magic file which instructs Windows Explorer not to display a directory's contents.
02-16-01 Added a new page on the Advanced Options including details on how to disable the scrolling Start/Programs menu (extremely irritating).
07-17-00 Added a hint on restoring an empty Detail View pane. This is a recuring problem - if part of the display is completely missing, then check this out.
05-06-00 Because of the recent ILOVEYOU email attack, I've added a section on how to protect your system from VB Script trojans/viruses. I also updated a few notes on Unregistered file types, Notepad, and added a couble of hints.
05-03-00 Added a description of a design problem with the File Find tool - its ok in Win 95 but fails in Win NT 4 SP 4.
02-01-00 A reader recently referred me to (changed to The Windows Registry Guide on 7-17-01) which contains descriptions of numerous registry keys. As a result, several pages in this site have been modified. Of particular note is the new page on the Explorer Policy Key (i.e. how to make systems more secure and much less user friendly). Other modified pages include hints.htm and References.htm.
09-17-99 Added Windows Explorer Command Line Options.
07-08-99 Modified notes on the Magic Desktop Icons page. Added a link to the VBScript file which may have been sending registry info back to Microsoft. You decide.
06-21-99 Added a page on Printing Files via the context menu. This also discusses a bug using pif files.
06-13-99 Added a new page on Magic Files under Bugs and Annoyances.
06-09-99 I recently wrote a new, smaller Copy to Clipboard program. Therefore, I replaced the references to CopyToClip.exe (165 K) with CopyToClipboard.exe (14 K) (Cookbook & Menu Modifications)
05-28-99 Added information on how to open a file in DOS Edit, extended the section on adding pop-up menus for All File Types, and modified the section on Unregistered File Types. While modifying that page, I also added an index, section headings, and a standard footer.
05-06-99 Added information on the desktop.ini anomally - Sometimes you can see it and sometimes you can't.
04-26-99 Added information specific to Files Without Extentions.
03-15-99 Added the What's New page to simplify use of this site.
03-14-99 Added Create Directory program/context menu functionality. (Cookbook)
03-11-99 Added notes to the Magic Desktop Icons page. Apparently, VBScript is no longer sending registry info back to Microsoft.
03-11-99 Added a Reference to the Windows 95 file tips.txt.
02-12-99 Added a program to copy a directory path to the Windows clipboard via the context menus. (Cookbook)

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